RIGOBERT SONG: "Algeria did not come to play"

By winning for the first time in an official match against Cameroon in this first leg of the World Cup (1-0), Algeria has just struck a very big blow and this has provoked the bitterness of Cameroon coach Rigobert Song .

During the post-match press conference, he did not fail to slip a tackle on the style of play of Djamel Belmadi's players.

“Algeria did not come to play! Our players were there to play, our goal was to play. Football if you put 7 people behind it is complicated. How many used has he had? he blurted out.

A Rigobert Song visibly annoyed by journalists' questions about his choices when he is just beginning his adventure. “It's not in 3 or 4 days that I can change things, I did with what I had, what system do you think I had to play with? ".

The Cameroonian coach is already announcing the color for the return match. “We know how we are going to prepare to win in Algeria. I will go there for the qualification”.

Despite the many injuries of his players, he believes in it: “I'm in a hurry, I did with what I had. Those who were there could have done better, they weren't mediocre, but we were on the mend”.

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