What is "date dreaming"?

You are walking down the street when suddenly you catch the eye of a stranger.

In your mind it's love at first sight . You then imagine your first meetings, the evenings to discuss, the bursts of laughter, the frenzied nights... even your future apartment.

Does this situation sound familiar? Well know that it has a name: the "date dreaming".

It amounts to dreaming and idealizing one's romantic relationships when they have not begun. On the first date, the people concerned place their potential future partner on a pedestal, until they fall in love.

Still, it's the best way to be disappointed. According to dating expert Hayley Quinn, "Creating expectations about someone before you know them is a surefire way to meet disappointment."

"If you think the person you meet is perfect, you're wrong. No one is perfect and when you inadvertently put someone on a pedestal by imagining what they look like, you prevent yourself from engaging with who they are. really,” she says.

This behavior stems directly from romantic comedies, fiction and other love songs that punctuate our daily lives according to dating experts .

Indeed, this would influence our vision of love and, therefore, the date dreamers.

For Hayley Quinn, "instead of focusing on a meeting, a first date or an adventure, pay attention to the daily actions of the person.

If you want a committed relationship, you don't need to be impressed at the start, you need a partner who matches you and is easy to communicate with."

Let's try to remain objective in all circumstances!

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