Unable to sleep due to pain she thinks is due to a kidney infection, she ends up in the emergency room. But what she learns then far exceeds anything she could have imagined...

A throbbing pain that stretches and that nothing seems to appease… Throughout the day of November 24, Rachael Fogarty begins to feel pain so intense that she quickly leaves her job to return home.

But far from getting better, the pain only increases, preventing the young woman from finding rest during the night. Exhausted, she calls the emergency room the next morning…

A surprising diagnosis

Unable to stand the five-hour wait for an ambulance, Rachael, 29, asks her father to drive her to the local hospital which is only a five-minute drive from her home. At 9.30 a.m., when the doctor finished the consultation, he was unable to explain to her why she was in so much pain. In the afternoon, Rachael is redirected to a gynecologist "I was sent to see a gynecologist who, after examining me, asked me ' Are you sure you are not pregnant? to which I replied "No, I can't be ". But the professional's opinion is quite different “ She answered me “Well I can feel your baby and he is coming ”.

An imminent childbirth

During the ultrasound, Rachael is flabbergasted still not understanding how she can be about 37 weeks pregnant and a half and about to give birth. It takes time for the young woman to trace the thread of this incredible story, an evening with her partner where they had had a few drinks " I have the polycystic ovary syndrome and so I went twelve months without a period before, so going nine months without was not abnormal for me, ” she confided. " I've been with my partner for 10 years and this has never happened before so I thought it would never happen ." Shocked by the late announcement of her pregnancy and childbirth, the young woman calls her mother to share the news “ She and my father were over the moon, it was their first grandchild ”.

The most beautiful gift of life

As for his partner, he was also in shock " When the baby arrived, he was so happy and he was incredible ". It is a little James who is born by cesarean section on November 27 in the middle of the night. For the young mother, her son is “the best thing that ever happened to us ”. Helped by her family and friends, mother and child were able to return home but Rachael had to return to the hospital a few days later, her scar having become infected. Despite a depression and various sequelae, Rachael confides that she is going "in the right direction" today.

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