His son's wife was none other than his missing daughter

In Suzhou in Jiangsu province in China, a mother who was celebrating her son's wedding made a mind-blowing discovery.

The bride was none other than her daughter who disappeared when she was very young.

The mother of the groom managed to make the connection thanks to a particular mole.

His daughter-in-law was none other than his daughter. The two women met by phone during the preparations for the wedding.

Nothing at that time could have allowed the biological mother to identify a very special mole that would then have allowed her to recognize her daughter on the very day of the wedding.

To confirm her hypothesis on the day of the wedding, the mother asked the bride's family if they had not carried out an adoption.

The information having remained relatively confidential, they then confessed to having collected a little girl whom they thought had been abandoned on the side of a road.

A moving reunion ensued between the biological mother and her daughter, leaving the risk of a consanguineous union.

Second revelation today the bride's biological mother revealed that she adopted the one she will raise as her son.

The bride and groom therefore having no blood relationship, the marriage was celebrated.

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