"I cheated on my spouse with his son. I liked it"

Sophie, 40, was married for 10 years before being brutally abandoned by her husband: "I did not see anything coming. He had packed his things while I was at work and he left me with a few words the same evening. He did not explain himself.

I later learned that he had had someone else for years. Then I preferred to be alone for some years. It only changed when I met Julien at work a year ago.

He was 62, single after his divorce, and the father of two adult boys. A perfect situation for me since I never wanted to be a mother or a mother-in-law."

Sophie meets Julien's sons a few months after the start of their relationship: "One is 30 and the other 35. They have made their lives in cities other than their father's. They are in a relationship, l "One of them is a dad. There was no rush for me to meet them. Julien had spoken to them about me on the phone. They were happy for their father. We took advantage of an opportunity when the family gathered to make the big presentations. Only I hadn't expected that I was going to have a real crush on one of Julien's sons."

Sophie defines herself as a faithful woman: "I am not a believer, I have no religion. But I have a moral sense. I have never cheated on one of my partners.

Yet I cheated on him with his son, my son-in-law. I do not know what happend to me. The weekend I met him, I immediately had an obsession for him. He is a handsome, charismatic, funny man. He immediately guessed that I liked him and he played with it. In the evening, I found an excuse to join him in his room. It was ridiculous, it was his child's room, just a little redecorated but with a single bed. I jumped on him. We didn't even speak. The next day at breakfast, I almost died of shame. He was amused by it."

Sophie's son-in-law does not hide that he has no desire to engage with a woman: "He's a ladies' man. He talks about his conquests with his father and his brother. I just know that "He didn't talk about me. But he has a kind of ironic little smile when we meet, fortunately very rarely. It never happened again. Even if at the time I liked it, I can't stand it. not the idea of ​​hurting Julien."

She never spoke again alone with her stepson: "I manage never to be alone in a room with him. I know he loves his father so he will never hurt him on purpose. That going to remain a secret. But a secret that I'm ashamed of. I wish I knew how to hold myself back. But somewhere, I think it's a good thing that I sinned right away because that way I didn't I didn't fantasize for months. I wanted to and it happened and then I blamed myself for it. It didn't take a delirious place in my life. This man, after having wanted to strong, I learned to detach myself from it and see its faults. I never imagined leaving Julien for his son."

For her, it was a stroke of madness: "I don't know what came over me. Perhaps the fear of getting into a serious relationship again and having me leave again without seeing it coming, can -maybe for a moment I preferred to know what I would really have to blame myself for, maybe I had never seen such an attractive man in my life and I wanted to taste it when I understood that he liked me too. I didn't think of Julien, I didn't think of the absurdity of the situation.

After this one time, I resumed my role as mother-in-law. I send a message for birthdays and gifts to grandchildren. I want to stay with Julien as long as possible. I hope this secret will stay in place. If it was known, I would die of shame."

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