"I am 97 years old and 16 children, but everyone has forgotten me and I feel so alone"

Every child should think of his parents and at the same time be able to lead an independent life.

But unfortunately this is not always possible, because today's life leaves the most precious affects in the background, generating a scourge that gnaws at many elderly people: the drama of loneliness.

An example is the story of Isabel Méndez Jiménez, a 97-year-old lady who lives on a ranch in Mexico, where she spends her days alone, since each member of her family has become independent and left town.

"I have 16 children and I am more alone than ever. I had eight boys and eight girls. They got married and forgot me, she said with regret. My children met women or men from other towns and never came back here. They provide for their families, but I live alone".

The story was made public by a journalist, who revealed the woman's daily life on social media, with the hope that her words could reach the elderly lady's children.

In her account, the woman explains that she was widowed at the age of 33, but even then she did not feel pain similar to that which now accompanies her daily life, where loneliness is the feeling that pursues her throughout the day.

According to his account, the family member who visits him most often is one of his grandchildren, aged 23, but who does not bring him the desired interest: "He sells baskets, leaves me a little money and only spend a few hours here."

To earn a living, the woman sells fabrics for tablecloths, but her work becomes more and more difficult every day, as her eyesight fails.

She spends her days accompanied by her pets: a few cats and a small dog, responsible for protecting her at all times.

Her diet revolves around cheese, meat, and a few other foods, as she stated in the interview. Her story, shared on social media, went viral.

The video has reached over 37 million views and many people have expressed interest in contacting her to offer help.

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  • Agokpa Segla

    Très touchant 😔je souhaite que la famille de la veille retourne pour faire sortir leurs mamans dans la douleur

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