He becomes world champion and builds houses for the poor.

A Filipino boy named Manny Pacquiao didn't even have a bowl of rice for lunch.

His perseverance and desire to escape poverty led this boy to the pinnacle of glory.

He became through hard work the only boxer in the world to have won the world championship in 8 different categories.

Despite this success, Manny Pacquiao has not forgotten his impoverished childhood, and he spent his first paychecks building a village for the people of Tango – his native village in the country's poorest province.

The boxer did not stop there. Today, houses for thousands of poor families have already been built with his money.

Each house is designed for two families and has two separate entrances.

The village has outdoor and indoor sports fields, a public park and a multifunctional center.

Manny grew up in a poor family whose diet consisted of bananas and root vegetables.

At the age of 12, he left school to help his family survive. He starts selling donuts on the street. Later he started boxing.

His family recounts how strong Manny was from his youth: "He got up every morning at 4 a.m. to go for a run."

Today, he is one of the most respected and popular people in his country.

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