Michelle and Barack Obama back at the White House.

Barack and Michelle Obama unveiled their official portraits at the White House on Wednesday, reviving a tradition of political courtesy interrupted by Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden, recalled his eight years serving as Barack Obama's vice-president, recalling the camaraderie that united them.

"We were counting on you. And I'm still counting on you," he said. "He couldn't have done it without you," he also slipped to Michelle Obama, emphasizing the ties created between the two families.

"You were with me when my son was dying," the 79-year-old Democrat reminded Barack Obama, who delivered the funeral tribute to Beau Biden , who died of cancer. “You will never realize how much that meant to Jill and me,” Joe Biden said.

The Obama couple then unveiled the paintings that will now adorn the walls of the White House, and which were made from photographs.

Barack Obama chained a few jokes about his visit to the White House and his portrait. He also paid tribute to his former vice-president, "a true friend."

"Joe, America is very lucky to have you as president," he said to cheers from the crowd, which included many of his former aides.

For this special day, the couple posed alongside their portraits but also alongside Joe Biden, the current President of the United States and his wife Jill Biden.

On her Instagram account, Michelle Obama wanted to share this event with her fans.

Captioning the photos she posted, she wrote: “Today Barack and I returned to the White House to unveil our official portraits. It was so exciting to share the incredible artistry of Sharon Sprung and Robert McCurdy with the world and to be back in the place we called home for eight years ,

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