Locked in a closet for 47 days...

This case is worthy of a horror movie. Jordan, 25, is accused of kidnapping, beating and starving his girlfriend Betty , 19, with the complicity of her older brother and her mother.

The victim was found unconscious and seriously injured on the side of a road by gendarmes.

In love, Betty had decided to join the young man in the city of Agde, after having known him via social networks . She would then have been locked in a closet, forced to remain "standing or squatting" for long days. The reason for this confinement would be linked to differences in interests: Betty wanted to go out while Jordan preferred "playing the Playstation" .

The victim was allegedly subjected to unimaginable acts of cruelty. The defendant's older brother admitted to slapping Betty when she let "three of the twenty cats in the house" escape. Worse still, the president of the Hérault Assize Court was forced to ask a question: "Who made him eat cat poo?" . The defendant's response was damning: "My little brother, but I was present" .

As for the mother of the two men, she seems to have turned a blind eye to the ordeal of the young woman. Regularly bringing provisions and cannabis to her sons, she would not have hesitated to deposit the "inanimate body" of the young woman, "barely dressed, at the edge of a road" , when she had lost consciousness. .

On the spot, the competent authorities had noticed that the young woman then suffered from a "severe cranial trauma, ribs, a nose and broken teeth" . Betty was able to testify on Thursday April 13, 2023 before the Hérault Assize Court.

Pending the results of the trial, the main suspect in this case remains presumed innocent of the charges against him.

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