Elon Musk announces an $8 subscription to certify his Twitter account

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has decided that to have their account certified as authentic, users of the network will have to pay eight dollars a month.

This subscription will offer them certain advantages: priority publications, longer videos and audio messages, and less advertising.

The social network has been offering a subscription to paid features since last year, but the general manager wants a new, more expensive and adapted offer , which will diversify the platform's sources of income.

So he's considering merging Twitter Blue — a $5-a-month subscription for a more comfortable reading mode and editing tools — with the ability for eligible accounts to have their identity verified and certified.

Elon Musk asked his engineers to work on this system overhaul.

The subscription price will be adjusted according to the country. "It will also bring revenue to Twitter to reward content creators," he concluded.

Twitter is a network whose revenue comes 90% from advertising and which has never been very profitable compared to Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google (YouTube).

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