Colonization: Emmanuel Macron wants to "shed light" on France's action in Cameroon

On a visit to Cameroon, the President of the French Republic on Tuesday asked historians to "shed light" on the action of France during colonization and after the country's independence in 1960.
In particular, he announced the “entire” opening of the French archives on “painful” and “tragic” moments.

"I wish that we can have and launch together a joint work of Cameroonian and French historians" , proposed the President of the Republic during a press conference in Yaoundé alongside his Cameroonian counterpart Paul Biya.

It is necessary to establish factually ” “ responsibilities ”, added the French president.

A collective of Cameroonian political parties has called on Emmanuel Macron to recognize the " crimes of colonial France ". “We have a historic dispute with France. We take the opportunity to wake up Cameroonians to the problem with France which is to put all the crimes of France on the table and settle it definitively if we want to have a peaceful relationship.

Before Cameroon's independence in 1960, the French authorities bloodily repressed nationalist militants engaged in the armed struggle against the colonizer.

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