Valentine's Day is lovers' day ! It is celebrated every year on February 14. This is an opportunity to reveal your feelings or to please your loved one. We give each other gifts, like chocolates or flowers, we invite each other to the restaurant or we send each other sweet nothings. Valentine's Day has also become very commercial. A few days before, you can see big hearts in store windows, images of couples on posters, or advertisements for jewelry gifts...

Several legends tell the origins of this festival. For example, that of the priest Valentin who married Roman soldiers when it was forbidden. In the Middle Ages, birds were thought to choose their mate on February 14. The young boys and girls then got into the habit of send love letters to each other. In the 19th (19 th ) century, Valentine's cards are adorned with hearts, lace, flowers... and the tradition has continued until today, where the cards instead display large red hearts!

But do we celebrate Valentine's Day all over the world?

Some countries have adopted it, while others have their own party, like the day of lovers in Brazil, June 12. Traditions vary: in North America, adults and children send several love and friendship cards.

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