these three daily behaviors would be the most harmful for a couple

If it is not always easy to find love, when you are in a relationship it is sometimes more complicated to make the passion last and to maintain a healthy and fulfilled relationship.
The threat of a breakup or divorce when you are married hovers almost permanently and you have to make sure to keep it away as much as possible. It is indeed necessary to distinguish daily behaviors that contribute to making a relationship happier and those that, on the contrary, jeopardize it.
This is revealed by a study conducted by the researcher of the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Menelaos Apostolou .
In order to determine which behaviors were the most detrimental for a couple, the researcher carried out an experiment on 233 students in couples or singles. The latter were given a questionnaire about the behaviors or character traits that would repel them the most in a partner.
A way to know which behaviors would be most frequently associated with a bad couple experience. In total, his report identifies no less than 88 behaviors connoted as negative .
To retain only the most toxic, the scientist then submitted this list to 536 other students who had to classify the proposals according to their negative effect on the future of a relationship.
Enough to allow him to draw up a list of three major negative behaviors .
What are they ?

The first, which is also one of the most likely to precipitate your relationship towards the breakup, is manipulation or the fact of trying to control the other, using strategies that are not always very advisable. Signs that indicate a person wants to control their partner are jealousy, manipulation, dominance, blaming, and undervaluing their partner.

The lack of interest can also end up killing a couple. When we no longer worry about the other, when we no longer take the time to listen to them, or even to communicate or give them delicate attentions.

Finally, the third most harmful behavior identified by the study would be to maintain a bad relationship with his children . When one of the partners shows no investment in his family life, that he never takes care of the children, this is inevitably a source of tension.

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