What if some jobs made people more unhappy than others? According to a study conducted by Harvard University in the United States, some jobs are far from fulfilling.

According to the study, professions which globally isolate the worker, would make them more unhappy: “It is a crucial social need which must be satisfied in all aspects of our lives. Also, if you are more connected to people, you feel more satisfied with your job and do a better job,” said psychiatry professor Robert Waldinger, author of the study.

A feeling of loneliness which can also be favored at night: “ Jobs which involve more independent work or which require night shifts, such as driving trucks and night security, are those which isolate the most”.

And the consequences of this loneliness can be alarming. Indeed, the report states that “loneliness increases the risk of mortality with age in similar proportions to smoking, obesity and lack of physical activity”.

 Many people suffering from loneliness, can have a more fragile mental health and thus develop disorders of anxiety, depression, extreme sadness.

If you don't want to be unhappy, surround yourself and avoid working the night !

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