ANTHONY KAVANAGH: "I almost died"

After a five-year absence, Canadian comedian Anthony Kavanagh is back.

He confided about his long absence. Indeed, the 52-year-old man revealed to have crossed a real desert after his show Showman .

He explained: " I left in 2017 and I had to come back after three years. And then there was a little thing that happened in the world and it set me back... So a year and a half without being able to work . With covid, I went from showman to unemployed. It was the first time in my life that I was unemployed ".

A very difficult period for the artist who managed to move forward after that.

Anthony also experienced health concerns: " I had a triple embolism and a pulmonary infarction in 2017 in Tahiti, the day before a show. I almost died ," he explained.

Anthony Kavanagh then went on to explain that this terrible event had allowed him to make a new start in life: " I had to have a conversation with myself, set new priorities and make good resolutions, like spending more time with my family.

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