England: she gives birth to twins with different skin colors

an English mother gave birth to twins of different skin color.

Chantelle Broughton, 29, experienced one of the happiest days of her life: the birth of her twins.

However, one detail caught her attention: the babies came into the world with a different skin color.

Indeed, little Ayon was born with fair skin and green eyes, while his sister Azirah has brown eyes and a darker complexion.

Note that these births, known as biracial/mixed twins, are extremely rare.

The mother-from-Nottingham has a Nigerian grandfather on her mother's side.

The twins' father is half Jamaican and half Scottish. This genetic heritage gave rise to this interbreeding.

According to Chantelle, the twins have totally different personalities, but get along very well, to the delight of their parents: " I'm so happy that they are what they are ," said the Briton.

Unsurprisingly, the babies are attracting attention on the streets, and some people don't believe they are twins, imagining that they have different fathers.

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