At 17 she has the longest legs in the world

Many girls are embarrassed by their small size and dream of having long legs in order to conquer the podiums.

But there are also girls who are ashamed of their height, such as Macky Currin who wanted to set a record, in order to serve as an example and encourage tall children to appreciate this natural trait.

His left leg is 135 centimeters and his right leg is 134 centimeters. The teenager herself is 2.08 meters tall.

The girl claims that no one has ever harassed her because of her legs, but she has been harassed for her size.

"I was never bullied because of my legs. I was bullied because I was taller than the others. In high school, I stopped caring what people thought of me."

Macky also admits to facing many difficulties in her daily life, as clothes and shoes are always too small for her.

She also has trouble getting into a car or going through doors. But on the other hand, she is also very good at volleyball and can reach the highest ray of books.

Her size has also made her popular on social media.

Finally, she accepts and manages her difference well.

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